Future Sightseeing Strategy Conference

There is only a small number of volunteers, but they provide support for Kataller, Doraemon, Manyo-sen and Lite Rail.


Before possessing the “Visit Japan Campaign” which targets 10 million people.
At "The Future Tourism Strategy Meeting", broadcasted by Tulip TV, late Takaoka University president Royama, Shoichi and president Matsubara had a discussion. An idea of a NPO think tank, which focused on industry-university-public was born.
At this meeting, we think about the future of tourism in Toyama Prefecture and Hokuriku region, and work hard on two-way internationl cultural tourism, developing cultural interaction between domestic and overseas visitors, and promote Toyama’s and Hokuriku’s economic ripple effects, environmental conservation and job creation.
In addition, we expand our activities on the tourism industry which involves metropolitan regions, creation of a busy city center, local revitalization of self-purpose Destination-Tourism and getting support from people who agree on contributing to industry-university-public.

Purpose and Role

"The Future Tourism Strategy Meeting" is based on the nature of cultural tourism and the creativity of community society.  Make ties with other regions, Japan and the Northeast Asia country. Dedicated to tourism enlightenment, tourism order and the preservation of environmental sustainability of cultural tourism. Together, we preserve the precious cultural inheritance of humanity.
It is all for the purpose of creation and development of cultural toursim, which is human beings' asset.


  1. Industry-tourism related volunteer organizations
  2. University education officials and scholars
  3. Administration officials
  4. Foreign officials


  1. Supply of  tourism information (such as IT) related to the collaboration of industry-university-people-public officials and community society.
  2. Partnerships with the Sea of Japan study and tourism organizations, for the purpose regional revitalization
  3. Suggestion and support of tourism transpiration  and tourism industry.
  4. Creation of “International Education Tourism Soft”, which has the background of Science and Technology.
  5. Moral and Manner Enlightenment Activities for tourism culture and preservation of tourism environment.
  6. Re-excavation of community's natural heritage, cultural heritage and tourism recourses like industry heritage.


  1. Future research in the field of tourism market research
  2. Product Research related to future tourism products.
  3. Industry-University-people-public officials related coordinate produce
  4. Introductions and public assistance and other measures applied for assistance
  5. Support, Rating and research of industries related to the future of business in tourism
  6. IT Research in tourism transportation, research in future Japan-Korea-China-Russia tour, research in Korean IT industry-university exchanges

List of actual activities

Starting from business-minded experience as private organizations level administration and tourists exchange activities involving Korea, China, Taiwan and Russia, we create future oriented tourism activities such as Forum Event, support website “Manyo-sen Net”, “PotoRamu Net” and public sites “Public transporation, Environment Education of Forests and the Sea” and “Personal Theme Sustainability Tourism”

03.5.23 Inaugural Meeting.  Memorial Lecture.  Manager of Bank of Japan, Kanazawa branch, Suzuki Shigeru “About tourism in hokuriku”
03.8.11 Lecture “Expectation of formation of tourism industry cluster”, “future-oriented tourism and the tourism venture creation”.
04.2.9 Lecture “Movement of NorthEast Asia, Korea, China, Russia tourism”
04.2.19 Forum “Export the appeal of Toyama and Hokuriku”
04.3.7 “Research Report on the vision of promoting reginal tourism of Himi”  Adopted by the ministry at fiscal year 15
04.11.29 Special Conference     Hokuriku Finance, Nishimura Takashi “Strategy of Hokuriku Inbound”
04.12.8 Member-only Forum “Toyama Hokuriku Shinkansen and the Tourism Development” “Point of view on Future Tourism” “My Advice on Tourism and IT”
05.1.12 Conference “Forest of Tateyama and Hakusan” “Theory on Toyama international tourism”
05.2.21 Recommendation “Cultural tourism changed by the Hokuriku Shinkansen – the appeal raises regionally and internationally”
05.2.24 Recommendation “Opening is not the starting point of accomplishing goals”  “Not the passing prefecture, but the objective prefecture”  “rather than Tokyo, let’s do it in Toyama’s way”
05.2.24 Forum “How to take advantage of Shinkansen, creation of tourism cities – Mayers of Toyama, Takaoka, Kurobe summit”
05.6.22 Conference “Cultural Tourism changed by the Hokuriku Shinkansen”  North Japan Newspaper
05.8.11 Conference “Japan's environment, culture and town-creation from the Swiss perspective”
05.11.14 - 15 Luo Chong Ii (ambassador of Korean in Japan) Recruitment
05.12.9 Recommendation "Toyama tourism brand strategy - a new trend in culture and environment" (newspaper northern Japan)
05.12.10 Conference “Issues on interaction between Northeast Asia and Hokuriku” Conversation   “What to break, World’s, Japan’s Toyama”
05.12.10 Forum “Strategy for Toyama tourism brand”   (China-Korea-Japan Partnership)
06.3.22 "wealthy marketing" "Toyama is a major" university-industry forum members
06.7.1 "Toyama LOHAS" forum
06.10.18 Japan and South Korea (cable television Toyama Living TV) CATV program intermediary exchange agreement
06.11.25 Recommendation “town-creation by creating Transportation zone.  Using the 100th on-the-road tram to change the town – Toyama railway culture being spread to the whole country”
06.11.25 - 26 Forum “Toyama LRT – Summit of the mayors of Toyama Takaoka Imizu, and town-creation with charming public transportation ”
07.2.26 “Town selected for tourism and investment” Toyama V.I.T” Forum (Ministry of Prefecture, City, Jetro)
07.3.31 Future business tourism product offering
07.5.19 "TOYAMA" master "brand standing Prefecture        learn from Switzerland" Forum
07.9.8 - 24 "Movie Battery, Takida Youjirou, Asano Atsuko World," Urban Development project made as a story.
07.12.25 “Takaoka becoming the stage of film works and movies, view of Toyama”  National public business
08.6.21 5th year anniversary of 2014 Hokuriku Shinkansen "the era of globalization with a new city development VIT" Forum
08.7.11 - 13 Chosun Newspaper "Chosun Economic Forum" representatives, conglomerates and a group of major companies invited(total 25 people)
08.11.28 "Chubu Tour GNI Symposium"(@Hotel Nagoya Tokyu) ; Held by Chubu Economy-Trade-Industry Bureau;@Chubu Transport Bureau ; president Matsubara as a panelist
08.11.29 "Environment and Health Fair" - Environment, Health, Branding Strategy, Business Cooperation of Farming-Engineering-Trading-Tourism-Academics and reduction of CO2 @ Hotel Nichima Club